KES Overview

K.E.S. Music & Video Distribution; also know as the KES Network’ sole purpose is making your product accessible at brick and mortar retail stores, digital online retail sites and mobile distribution channels worldwide. We achieve this by working through our vast worldwide distribution network, broadcast advertising and print media.
The development of the K.E.S. Network comes together from many years of hands on experience by Karvin Johnson, who has successfully managed and operated production companies, studios and record labels for more than two decades.

Our Video Distribution network has strong alliances with movie and video retail chains, including Redbox, Netflix, Video-on-Demand and digital online sources. K.E.S. Music and Video Distribution also distribute movies from major overseas production companies.
Our contacts and strategies combined with proper funding, coupled with great product and talent creates profitable success.
K.E.S. has developed a nationwide network of supply providers, retail outlets and digital reseller sources. We place product with multiple onestop warehouses across the nation, keeping the supply close to the retail stores, enabling quick restocking in key demographic areas.

The K.E.S. distribution network stretches to thousands of retail outlets across the nation, and key overseas markets. Our vast distribution network reach; consists of major chains such as Best Buy, Target, Wal-mart, K-mart, FYE, Barnes & Nobles, HMV Canada to name a few. We provide product to a network of truck stops, Mom & Pop Independent stores, drug & food chains & (AAFES) Military outlets.


The K.E.S. distribution network has regional sales reps throughout the nation to promote our product. These sales reps can be found in the following locations:

•  Atlanta, GA  •  New York, NY  •  Los Angeles, CA •  Sacramento, CA  •  Miami, FL

•  Seattle, WA •  Memphis, TN •  Chicago, IL •  London/U.K. •  Canada •  Japan

National Marketing NMAP Overview

National Marketing Advertising & Promotion Service (NMAPS) specializes in thoughtful and tailored marketing campaigns for each of our clients. NMAPS network will work vigorously to give your release the innovative presence and awareness it deserves. We will use our network and list of services along with your goals to create your tailored made campaign.

National Marketing Advertising and Promotion Services, Is more than just a promotions firm. We are a group of pioneers and trend setters’ who has mastered the art and technique of eloquently merging art and technology with social media; that complements and enhances the consumers’ entertainment experience. We are skilled and disciplined when it comes to identifying new trends and helping our clients navigate through the sometimes unknown confusing physical and digital terrains.

NMAPS will use our proprietary research database, insight, and experience to create strategies that are designed to reach your mass market. This includes many influential print and traditional media outlets i.e. music, film, television, literary, and fashion industries.

We constantly update our database to keep it current with the rapidly changing digital and social media outlets; we pass this information onto our clients giving them the advantage over many other companies.

The KES Network provides the major infulstructure and new business model for the independent music and film industry. Viral marketing campaigns are essential for effective branding. We have embraced social media networking to achieve consumer awareness for our client projects; using sources such as text messaging, twitter, facebook, Instagram, myspace, mobile applications and apps etc. We create digital and grassroots campaigns that target our clients demographic. It’s imperative to our clients’ success that we stay ahead of the curve relative to branding and getting a direct response from consumers. We turn dreams into reality everyday.

NMAP applies social media and technology along with the use of our proprietary data base to achieve dynamic successful campaigns.


The K.E.S. Mission and Focus 

The K.E.S. mission is to provide independent labels with an outlet that leads direct to retail.

K.E.S. works closely with artists and independent labels to bring their product to market in an efficient, speedy manner. We use our experience in the entertainment industry to avoid the pitfalls associated with the industry, saving money and increasing profits.

K.E.S. performs research to develop the right distribution strategy for each individual product, and artist. We then utilize the power of our contacts to execute the plan in a fast efficient manner.

Executive Staff

K.E.S.’ core staff of professional consists of various industry veterans. The range of experience stretches from 15-20 + years of working with major and independent labels, film and music video production companies, artist management, media public relations, promotions and other areas in the world of entertainment. The depth of knowledge possessed by K.E.S. is very unique to the industry.

Karvin L. Johnson – CEO

Karvin Johnson is the founder of KES Distribution/Network. Karvin; the former male vocalist and song writer turned entertainment entrepreneur. He developed a keen sense of understanding both sides of the business primarily from his years of involvement with many major recording artists and record companies who achieved hit records. Karvin’s collective wisdom was enhanced through working with such talents as mega producers Freddie & Christine Perren, Maurice Starr, Ray Parker Jr, Michael Masser, Samm Brown, Stixx Hooper, Johnny Bristol and many more. He’s worked with artist such as Marlon Jackson, Johnny Gill, Eric Benet’, Tony Maiden of Rufus & Chaka Kahn, Lawrence Hilton Jacobs, Harold Brown the founder of the legendary band WAR, T.K. Carter, Joe Ligon and the Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Spinners, Tavares and the west coast band Tierra, to name a few. Karvin is ½ of the male duo Gemini and a founding member and lead singer of the UK famous alternative/fusion soul band from the early 80’s; HALO. Years of training & learning by experience has helped enhance his leadership abilities. Karvin has worked on approx 1000 + combined singles, album recording, video during his career and still counting..

Karvin was also the founder and former publisher of The Atlanta Rhythm Times- the acclaimed entertainment newspaper chronicling the “what’s happening” in Atlanta’s powerful urban music scene.

Lori Taylor Johnson- CEO NMAP

Lori Taylor is a 15-year veteran in the entertainment industry, and she spearheads NMAP.  With her creative and diverse background with independent labels, Warner Bros., and the production of films and documentaries, she keeps the marketing and promotional combinations fresh and innovative.  NMAP is an aggressive marketing firm that specializes in promotions for the music and film industry.  Lori’s experience with the majors has been instrumental for building successful campaign concepts for independent music labels and film companies..

Gregory Coleman – West Coast Rep

Mr. Coleman brings expertise in producing highly successful events; relative to the entertainment industry. He is detailed orientated; his management skills are incredible; and pairs well with his eye and ear for great talent.