Ed Stone

Ed Stone

Genre: Jazz

Smooth Jazz Guitarist Ed Stone Is the King of Hearts and the Ruler of Cool

Ed Stone is a man of many talents; a Doctor, a songwriter, a vocalist, a producer and a virtuoso Jazz Guitarist.
His creative journey began when he first picked up a guitar at the age of twelve in his native Seattle, Washington. He studied music in college and went on to play lead guitar in numerous Top 40 groups, orchestras and Jazz bands.
As an adult Ed continued his education in the field of medicine. It makes sense that the same hands that gently soothe the soul while strumming the strings of a guitar are the same hands that heal the body as a physician. Now residing in Rochester Hills, Michigan with his own medical practice, Ed has comfortably returned to his first love; music: “I always knew I was a musician inside”
Ed is now positioning himself to bring his cool and colorful music to a wider audience where he can display his unique brand of smooth jazz. Described as the ‘new George Benson’, Ed’s music has a rare type of quality found in those far reaching musicians who have influenced him over the years, artists such as; The Beatles, Earth, Wind And Fire, Ella Fitzgerald, Mozart and Vivaldi.
With the release of his third CD entitled ‘King Of Hearts’, Ed continues to demonstrate his strong songwriting skills.
“My songs are written to excite thinking patterns and personal reflection about life’s possibilities. When people hear the storyline of a song they can think of their own storyline in their own lives and that helps people do better”.
Full of snazzy vibes, suave tones, air tight cords with that laidback silky smooth swagger; ‘King Of Hearts’ is groove-laden Jazz at its best, a feel-good album with rhythms to cure any kind of blues. Ed is currently playing live in clubs and festivals across America.options mfx ната смирина