Mina Alali

Mina Alali

Mina Alali is a student at Berklee College of Music majoring in music business.
She is releasing an album entitled “Something About Her” that includes original songs
she has co-written. She was recently selected to audition for The Voice on
February 27, 2017.

Mina was born in Connecticut, but moved to Davis, California where she was raised.
At twelve, she formed and managed an all-girl acapella singing group called
“The 4 Harmonies”, which sang the National Anthem at various events. She took up
a solo career of recording covers of popular songs and at 15 years-old, Mina landed her own radio show called “Dynamics” at Davis’ local radio station, KDRT. After a year, Mina left to study abroad in France.

Upon her return, Mina began taking pop/RnB vocal lessons from her vocal coach, David James, who encouraged her to start writing original music. Less than a year later, her début album, “Unique” was released. Mina took two months after high school to study the music and language of Iran, her father’s country of origin. In Iran, she took classical Persian voice lessons. In the summer of 2016, Mina released, “Carnival Girl,” which received local recognition from local TV and newspapers.

Around this time, Mina signed up with an indie label. The singles 22 Cents Less, No Lovin’ Me, and What I Want have been played on radio. 22 Cents Less is currently charting in Top 30 of College Charts. A tester EP was released for review and was well received. Mina recently performed in a local Arizona TV show and is continuing to promote her singles. All press releases from an on-going campaign can be found in her website www.MinaAlali.com