AV Super Sunshine

AV Super Sunshine

AV Super Sunshine’s music is heavily influenced by the sounds he grew up on — classic rock, both the psychedelic guitar-heavy from the ’60s and the art/hard rock from the ’70s. AV draws from such bands as Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith; Alice Cooper, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, Cream, Pink Floyd. These are the sounds that make up his music DNA.

A native of Wisconsin, AV’s life experiences have been anything but the conventional mid-western psyche. For 15 years he made no music whatsoever. “I got really sick,” he relates. “I had a very big portion of my life that wasn’t very productive. But that’s also when I started playing again I was able to start really writing from the heart. I began writing things that I felt rather than trying to write songs to please people.”

AV’s newly found motivation began in a coffee house in the college town of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. He forced himself to perform in public again, despite his. He moved from performing at a weekly open-mic night to becoming the event’s host.
“A lot of young kids would come in with their guitars. I’d help them out and work with them. I had three different bands with three different sets of those kids. They needed somebody to help them put their songs together and also needed to learn how to go out into the clubs. That’s where I would play bass, because these kids already played guitar and sang, and they needed a bass player.”

It just so happens that in each of those bands there is a least one LBGT kid which led me to three years of stage managing for the Milwaukee Gay Arts Center at the Milwaukee Pride Fest. That’s been a really good experience because it is helping both me and them.

From being a guy who could barely get off his couch to face the public a few years ago to being a touring rock musician has been a remarkable evolution for AV Super Sunshine. This blast-from-the-past continues to face his fears and take his music out into the world because he believes his music helps people.

That’s why I think AV Super Sunshine is a good name. Because I want to try to help people and to spread some sunshine.объявления в интернетеникас ростов харьков