About Barry Stagg

Barry Stagg was born April 9, 1944, in Montreal, where he lived for the first 29 years of his life. He has written and recorded songs for Gamma Records, United Artists, London Records, RCA, and Cashbox Records. Barry is well known for his world hit song “To Love Means To Be Free,” released on his Green and Stagg album in 1969, which earned him the Canadian Business Music Industry’s writing award.   
•  During the late ’70s and into the early ’90s, Barry wrote and composed six full-length modern operas. During this time, he also wrote film scores for various documentaries and mini-operas. 
•  From 1987 to 2016, Barry was the playwright-in-residence for the NOSCO Academy of Theatre Arts where he wrote and composed over 90 musicals. 
•  In 2002, Stagg was commissioned to write a 16 piece musical “Psalms From The Ark” for the High Country Youth Ballet in Spruce Pine, North Carolina. 
•  In 2004, he released the album “Slaughterhouse Of Love”. 
•  In 2009, the album “No More Mountains To Cross” containing the song “Private Edwin Jennison” was released. This song won Barry the Southern Heritage Music Awards’ Songwriter of the year. “No More Mountains To Cross also contains the song “Appalachian Prayer” which reached #1 on Cashbox Magazine’s Americana charts.

Barry’s most recent release is a double CD entitled “One Heart At A Time”. This album, containing the hit song “Last Train To Cairo”, is generating lots of excitement from stations in both the USA and Canada. Barry is currently on a 20-city TV promotional tour where he aims to reach individuals

“One Heart At A Time”.


A Note from Barry:

The 24 songs contained in my double CD, “One Heart At A Time”, constitute a lifelong search to understand my journey. There are so many questions but so few answers. It’s the questions that I pursue through my lyrics and my music. I have found that if I approach my art with total honesty, then it will touch the hearts of others and allow them to identify and explore the message contained in my songs. 
I believe we are all traveling down the same river, and each of us enters that river through their own personal channel. I’ve learned to keep my eyes focused on the road ahead but, every once in a while, I feel the need to glance in the rear-view mirror. 

The longest journey is the journey inside. I hope my songs awaken or validate your own inner journey. 
Barry Stagg
Spruce Pine, North Carolina