Classic and Southern Rock are in our souls, as we bring to the stage a great mix of covers and originals heavily influenced in Blues Rock, Southern Rock, 80’s Hair Bands, and originals that are a great blend of both, giving them a “Fresh Take on an Old Sound!”

Lead Singer, Blake Brouse, has developed powerful, gritty, bluesy Vocals that are well suited for the Southern/Classic Rock/Blues Rock style Walking In Circles is known for.  His ability to also engage the audience with humor and wit make for an unforgettable show!  Blake has recently taken up the Harmonica, quickly learning to add another dimension to WIC’s music!

Nicole Neiman is WIC’s second Vocalist, lending her beautiful  Harmony and Lead vocals in Full Band and Acoustic Group, and her powerful vocals complement the Blues/Rock style of the band extremely well!!

The Showstopper would be Jake Gray on lead Guitar, whose influence of George Lynch, Nuno Bettencourt, Eddie Van Halen and Yngwie Malmsteen on several originals, is unmistakable!   Jake never fails to astonish the audience with his playing, especially maneuvering through the solo “Fiddle” sections of the crowd favorite cover of Charlie Daniel’s Band’s “The Devil Went Down To Georgia”!

Shane Kirvel has made a fantastic transition to Bass Guitar and is bringing a more aggressive sound to Walking In Circles, while still maintaining quality sound WIC is known for. Look for Shane to bring a unique take on the Bass with his Guitar background, especially with soloing!

Newest member, Drummer Thomas Newbauer, brings an aggressive, hard-rocking style influenced by the great 70’s Rock Bands which translates perfectly into Walking In Circles’ Southern/Blues Rock style!  You can hear the influences of Led Zeppelin, Steve Miller Band,  older Doobie Brothers, and more, bringing the heartbeat of that era into WIC’s sound!

Zack Shelly‘s additions of Auxiliary instruments rounds out the sound of the band, whether it be Tambourine or keeping the pace of the song going with his machine-like precision on cowbell…you know when Zach is there!

As Walking In Circles continues to grow and develop their songwriting, style, and sound through their original music and the covers they choose to do, one thing that can be taken away is the obvious talent of the band cannot be disputed… WIC is the total package.