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Dopethought & Worth: “Godly Indigos (featuring The Underachievers)”

As a rule I usually wouldn’t bother to write a music review about a single. I’m an album, EP kind of guy. But when you hear an exceptional single, then you know you must make an exception. “Godly Indigos (featuring The Underachievers)” by Dopethought & Worth (on the Makemind Entertainment label, distributed by KES Music & Video Distribution, promotion & marketing by National Marketing Advertising & Promotions/Chicago IL) is just such an exceptional single.

Back in 2012, when Salt Lake City, UT based Dopethought (whose moniker seems to evoke the term “deep thought” but instead refers to the ability of thought to release dopamine within the brain resulting in a natural, healthy state of euphoria) & Worth opened for The Underachievers, the artists felt a connection that not only led to a friendship, but ultimately this studio collaboration. With lyrics provided by Dopethought, and Ak and Issa from The Underachievers, and music composed by Worth, the end result was “Godly Indigos”godlyIndigosCover

So, what does it mean to be Indigo?  The pseudoscientific New Age definition implies that it refers to someone who is curious, emphatic and strong willed with a clear sense of purpose, self-definition and with a connection to the divine, or supernatural. This connection then leads to a higher purpose to life. Hence: becoming a Godly Indigo.

The cosmically in-tune lyrics of “Godly Indigo” that were penned by Dopethought et al. are cleverly contrasted by Worth’s use of progressive jazz-hop piano arpeggios which are accented by lusty horn riffs resting upon a rock steady rhythm section provided by the bass and drums. Here’s just a sample of the opening verse:

I said problematic, emotionally spaz addict
Composure you had but you can’t drop the bad habit
I seem to be a fanatic, but dope days & sound waves
Numb you like cocaine, but without no snow days
You see the logic is stuck up inside your mind
At the end of a church line engulfed inside their lies
Underachievers rise – demons meet your demise
A leader of our time living up out my mind
I see the signs and when you see the signs
You ascend up into a God a master sun child
Love spread wildfire in your ear wildfire
Soulful, make them cry Minnie Riperton style

The tune clocks in at a radio-friendly 3:38 and is highly addictive (I now find myself craving multiple replays of it on a daily basis – judge for yourself: If you believe in the philosophy that the divine exists inside us all once we become “one” with ourselves by becoming more aware and then we’ll become children of the Universe, then you’ll understand exactly what Dopethought & Worth are all about.инструменты для маникюра киевсковородка биол