Ed Sterling Stones’ Treat Her Like a Lady Stays Strong on Billboard Charts

APRIL 3, 2015—Stone’s Jazz Rendition Has Remained on Charts for Over Four Consecutive Weeks
Ed Sterling Stone’s jazz-guitar rendition of “Treat Her Like a Lady” has proven to be a strong contender on the Billboard Charts since its debut in February. The track debuted at number six on the charts, and has remained in the Top Ten for four consecutive weeks on the Hot Singles Sales chart.


“We’re quite thrilled to see the success of Ed Sterling Stone’s new single,”EdStone_chart says Karvin Johnson of KES Distribution, who serves as Stone’s distributor and marketing company for the release. “Ed is a tremendous jazz virtuoso, and is proving to be a mainstay in the Jazz genre.”


You can listen to the track here: http://bit.ly/1nQ9tnu and is also available on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify.


Stone, a guitarist, vocalist, songwriter, producer and medical doctor is a man of many talents. He is best known for his smooth melodies, and his impressive technical ability.


His creative journey began when he first picked up a guitar at the age of twelve in his native Seattle, Washington. He studied music in college and went on to play lead guitar in numerous Top 40 groups, orchestras and Jazz bands.


As an adult Ed continued his education in the field of medicine. It makes sense that the same hands that gently soothe the soul while strumming the strings of a guitar are the same hands that heal the body as a physician. Now residing in Rochester Hills, Michigan with his own medical practice, Ed has comfortably returned to his first love; music.


“My songs are written to excite thinking patterns and personal reflection about life’s possibilities, says Stone. When people hear the storyline of a song theycan think of their own storyline in their own lives and that helps people do better.”


Stone’s album, King of Hearts, is distributed by Chicago’s KES Distribution, a Chicago based independent distributor that offers distribution, radio promotion, marketing and much more. For more information or interviews with Ed Stone contact: info@kesnetwork.com Please Visit:www.edstonemusic.comсоздание фирмыvsemsmart