Frequently Asked Questions

What is K.E.S. Music & Video Distribution?
K.E.S. is a distribution company that distributes music and movie media, i.e. CDs, DVDs, Books, Vinyl and digital audio and visual content. We distribute to retail outlets throughout the United States and foreign markets. K.E.S. provides results throughout target markets and regions.

Where will K.E.S. distribute product?
K.E.S. distributes into thousands of brick and mortar retail locations and digital reseller retail outlets. A partial list of some of the major chains we server include: Blockbuster, Best Buy, Target, Barnes & Noble, Hastings, HMV/foreign, FYE, Hollywood Video, Wal-Mart, K-mart, and Mom & Pop retail stores, National drug chains, Truckstops and Grocery stores throughout the United States and key foreign markets.

How do I find out if K.E.S. will distribute my product?

Submit a non-returnable copy of your recorded media along with your marketing plan to K.E.S. and one of our staff members will contact you regarding our decision. Our office number is 312-321-6256. You can also e-mail us MP3 files or social media URL with support files to

Does K.E.S. provide any support services?
The K.E.S. sister company, National Marketing, Advertising & Promotion Service can assist you with Manufacturing, Street promotions, Radio and Retail promotions, Video promotion Tour support, TV exposure, Video production, Product Placment and much more, all at competitive rates.

Will K.E.S. provide funding for music or film projects?

K.E.S. does not finance projects; your company must have a budget to handle your support services. NMAP will provide our clients with the best prices possible.

How can I get a P&D/M&D deal through K.E.S.?

Deals are possible once a client’s product is manufactured through NMAP and the sales reach between 3,000 to 5,000 units. At that time, we will negotiate pressing and distribution arrangements.


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