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Here’s What Happened in Kanye West’s New Opera Mary

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West starred in his second opera, which took place on a floating barge in Miami Marine Stadium

Juicy J, Action Bronson, Lil Peep’s estate, Lil Yachty, and more honor the late rapper, who died at 21 today

The rapper reportedly suffered a seizure at a Chicago airport today

yer. hey it's Meg Donnelly!! I'm a singer n actress. hi. I currently play Taylor Otto in ABC's 'American Housewife' & Addison in Disney's 'Zombies' ('Zombies 2' coming next year! wooo). I am maddd excited to finally release my debut album 'trust' which is out TODAY! u can listen here: https://unitedmasters.com/m/MegDonnellyTrust

thanks yall 🙂

Proof: https://i.redd.it/8ry0nt1j1p241.jpg

submitted by /u/megdonnelly [link] [comments]

It took me two or three days, but I managed to create playlists containing the entire setlist of every Guitar Hero game from Guitar Hero to Warriors of Rock in order they appeared in game. I was always curious how each game would sound like as an "Album" of sorts. So I did this. There are a few exceptions though:

Some songs ARE missing because they just aren't on Spotify

Some songs are different versions than the ones on the actual game because the version on the game is not available on Spotify.

I only included songs that are on the discs of each game. No DLC songs because that would just become a clusterfuck. Also a lot of the GH games share DLC so yeah.


I didn't do GH Live because I couldn't find the setlist for the game in the actual proper order the songs appear in the game and I don't own the game anymore so I can't check. Same goes for Rock Band. If you want me to put together a Rock Band series of playlists then send me the setlists for the game in the order they appear.


Without further ado, here they are:


Guitar Hero - 41 songs, 2 hrs 38 mins   Guitar Hero II - 66 songs, 4 hrs 28 mins   Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock - 62 songs, 4 hrs 11 mins   Guitar Hero: Aerosmith - 40 songs, 2 hrs 46 mins   Gitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s - 30 songs, 1 hr 57 mins. The shortest GH playlist.   Guitar Hero: World Tour - 84 songs, 6 hrs 6 mins   Guitar Hero: Metallica - 50 songs, 4 hrs 42 mins   Guitar Hero 5 - 84 songs, 5 hr 52 mins   Guitar Hero: Smash Hits - 48 songs, 3 hrs 17 mins   Guitar Hero: Van Halen - 48 songs, 2 hrs 49 mins   Band Hero - 65 songs, 4 hrs 13 mins   Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock - 85 songs, 6 hrs 14 mins. The longest GH Playlist. submitted by /u/RDR007 [link] [comments]


  1. Fun Don Diego 4:07
  2. Never Had A Doubt Harold Holloway & Company 5:45
  3. No Matter Jack Radics 4:02
  4. Good Girl Down Marcella Detroit 3:55
  5. Conclusion Offiong Bassey 3:41
  6. More Than a Conqueror Rev R.L. White 2:35
  7. Damn Girl feat. Amp Fiddler by Danny Saber 4:21
  8. The Solution KRS 3:33
  9. Dancing on the Sun Featuring Charlie Berger by Dead Celebrity Status 4:37
  10. In a Restaurant feat Bernard Fowler by Danny Saber 4:19
  11. Show Me You Love Me 5ive Star 3:33

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