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Watch Justin Vernon Play a New Bon Iver Song in Isolation

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He debuted “Things Behind Things Behind Things” and covered Dylan’s “With God on Our Side” at a virtual Bernie Sanders town hall

Her manager says she’s “stable and responding to treatment”

“I’m calling all of this stuff Distraction Or Despair, since that seems to be the two things I keep shifting between.”

We're living in a crazy time, where most of us are practicing social distancing, if not fully on lockdown in our homes. That means no concerts, no live music, and no going out to see our favorite bands. The good news is that our favorite artists are finding new ways to share music with us, and keep us all entertained while we're stuck at home. So this is the official r/music Virtual Concert megathread.

Please comment here with any artists that are hosting virtual concerts, links to where they'll take place, and the date/time (with time zone, please) we should tune in! The mods figure this way no one misses out on a show from that band they were slated to go see but has now been postponed.

We appreciate all of you and your contributions to keep music alive and well during this time.

Stay safe, stay healthy, keep 6 feet of distance between you and others, wash your hands frequently, and do your best to not lose your mind while locked inside.

Special shoutout to all those who are still working to keep us fed, healthy, and safe! You all are the true rock stars of 2020! submitted by /u/courtiebabe420 [link] [comments]

Hi Everyone! We recently released a song together called "Supermodel" that was SO much fun to make! We're excited to chat with you about anything "Supermodel" or music-related, travelling the world, personal struggles or anything else that comes to mind!

Stream "Supermodel"

"Supermodel" music video


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submitted by /u/NERVO_KANDY [link] [comments]


  1. Fun Don Diego 4:07
  2. Never Had A Doubt Harold Holloway & Company 5:45
  3. No Matter Jack Radics 4:02
  4. Good Girl Down Marcella Detroit 3:55
  5. Conclusion Offiong Bassey 3:41
  6. More Than a Conqueror Rev R.L. White 2:35
  7. Damn Girl feat. Amp Fiddler by Danny Saber 4:21
  8. The Solution KRS 3:33
  9. Dancing on the Sun Featuring Charlie Berger by Dead Celebrity Status 4:37
  10. In a Restaurant feat Bernard Fowler by Danny Saber 4:19
  11. Show Me You Love Me 5ive Star 3:33

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